Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Birthday Party

Sara, our neice and godchild, celebrated her 11th birthday on Saturday. Yes, on Valentine's Day!! She came into this world on that day and stole the hearts of many. You see, she was the 2nd child of my sister Liz; her first child was born 17 years prior. So she was a great blessing that came later in life. She was also the first granddaughter in the family, after 4 little grandsons blessed my parents many years ago. I was there in the delivery room for Sara's birth - - and I can't even explain how wonderful it is to experience the miracle of birth first hand (well, second hand, i guess - -since I was not the one actually delivering). hehe. My sister's husband was overseas at the time and she asked me to be with her throughout the delivery. That was a very special request since at the time I have been trying very long to have a baby of my own and had no success at that point. My sister wondered if I'd ever have the chance to experience childbirth, therefore, she wanted to share her experience with me every step of the way. And that really meant a lot to me. It was really amazing though because little did we know at the time that 18 months later I would finally be blessed with a little bundle of joy of my own.

Sara decided that she wanted her aunts and two other special ladies to be a part of her party. She decided to have a 'spa party'. It really went over well. She had us set up at stations to pamper the girls: hair, nails, massages...they also had time in the hot tub and had a special meal with china and all. Well this is where my little bundle of joy comes in....he played the butler/server at the party, since he really wanted to be there but knew it was a girly party - - no manicure for him! He was dressed to play the part and did a wonderful job at it. We all had cups at our stations for the girls to put rose petals in which served as tips. Those with the most tips in the end, won a prize. Well, lo and behold, the butler did it!!! He was the hit of the party! The girls swooned around him as he treated them like royalty. In one pic here, you'll see him doing a little jig as he watched the girls fill up his tip cup. And you'll see a pic of him with the birthday girl, holding his tip cup, well, "tip bowl". He had to upgrade since he had so many tips. You'll also see him serving the girls their meals and bringing them drinks while they were in the hot tub. My sister Liz played a fortune-teller (pretend fortune-teller, that is) to all the party-goers . They were all tickled with their happy fortunes. They also played a special game..."Pin the lips on Edward". That's Edward Cullen from the movie Twilight...all the girls are wild about him. Sara's big brother gave her a poster of Edward to her as a gift for her birthday. We tricked Sara when it was her turn and she was blindfolded, and we put Dalton in Edwards place. It was a lot of fun!

Happy 11th Birthday Sara and we all love you and were so pleased to be a part of your very special party. Thanks!!

(remember, you can can click on the pics to see them larger).


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast..
    What a fun day !

  2. the post was fantastic. Our little butler stole the show.

    Aunt patty

  3. How cute! You know people out here in TX pay "lots" of money for themed parties to be held in there home... You guys can always have a second job if you wanted because ya'll really know how to go all out! Great party, great job Dalton, & Happy 11th Birthday Sara!!!