Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cow vs. Cow

While searching for clip art, I came across this clip art image of a cow. I had to giggle as it closely resembles a photo I took recently of our very own cow. We call him Cookie, as in Oreo Cookie. He is long overdue for the butcher, as you can see. He's a pretty hefty one. The last cow we sent to slaughter dressed out at 500 lbs. That's a lot of meat. We figured the cost of what we paid for the calf initially and the cost to feed him over the course of a year, along with slaughter/package fees, it all averaged out to $1.38 per lb. That's pretty darn good, considering you cannot even buy ground meat for that price anymore. We ended up with steaks, roast, stew meat, name it, we were set for quite some time. We also have a calf in line behind this one, but it will be quite some time before he (Tabasco) can go to slaughter. That's what I call him since Greg says he's a little in his attitude. Greg tells us not to name them so that we don't get so attached, but we know when we get them what the intended purpose is. We give them a lot of love and attention in the meantime. Greg really enjoys raising the cows and like he says "We know what they ate". They are usually taken from their mothers about 1 day after birth. Greg bottle feeds them for about 4 months. That's twice a day, and believe me, they will not let you forget they need a bottle. After that he grain-feeds them up until about a year old. This one is older than a year. He made 1 on the same day that Dalton made 9. Yep, he was born on Dalton's birthday.

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