Friday, February 6, 2009

Puppy Cards


Today, I'll share with you some puppy cards that I made using my Cricut Paper Pups cartridge. You see, this was a freebie cartridge that I received back in December when Cricut had the 'buy two, get one free' special. However, there was a little trick to only had 8 choices for your freebie cartridge and you had to number all 8 in the order of importance to you. So you knew that you would receive one of the cartridges but just not sure exactly which one. Well, that's when I received the Paper Pups. There were others I would have preferred, but I was overall pleased with this one. There really are many other uses with it besides just the puppies. But I decided to explore to find more uses of the puppies. After searching around online, I finally came up with these ideas. They were really fun cards to make. The only thing these are lacking is a final touch with a 'sentiment' stamp on the front and on the inside. I chose to wait to stamp them right before sending them out depending on what the occasion may be. To get the rough white edge, I scuffed up the edges of my white-cored patterned paper with an emory board (for filing fingernails).On some, I used the rolly-polly eyes which really made them comical and even more fun.

Now I'll confess...I was planning on sharing with you more Easter cards that I made last night for the troops, but............ Ok, let me tell you what happened. First, let me say that I only have 'dial-up' internet service at home. Now, that is not because of the 'cheapo' in me, it's merely because I have no other choice with living out here in the woods. That is the only thing that is available. Believe me, I would splurge and pay more for internet service if I had that option, because 'dial-up' can DRIVE ME NUTS, at times. Well 'dial-up' cannot handle the upload of images to my blog, so I email them to my work...then proceed the next morning. Well, I got in to work this morning and checked my email and for some reason the Easter cards images were not there. Sooooo, you'll just have to see them at a later post.

Happy Friday to all!


  1. Love the puppie cards and the colors you choice to us. Love how you ruff up the edges of the cards.