Friday, May 15, 2009

Town of Sumrall

Dalton and Gerolene Rayborn, Mayor of Sumrall

Dalton had to do a project on the Town of Sumrall. We went around town taking pics of popular places in Sumrall. We even went over to the Town Hall where Dalton managed to take a pic with the Mayor. You'll see that pic here with others from our town. We love our little country town. You'll also see a pic of Dalton holding up his project.

Our Town Hall

Our Police Station

Our Post Office

The Old Sumrall Jail. The first all-female jury was held here 1921.This is the gravestone and cemetery where the found of Sumrall, Dan Sumrall is buried.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Shiloh...a play that Dalton was in last week at school: Dalton played Judd, dressed in camoflage and on crutches with a broken leg...right up a little boys alley.

Sumrall High School! Rah!Rah!Rah!

Undefeated Sumrall High School Baseball:

A view from the stands

Line-up for National Anthem

First homerun of the game that night

A whole lot of high-fiving between the team for the homerun

A night shot of the game

Dalton and I went to our very first Sumrall High School Baseball game Friday night. There has been so much "hooplah" over them. Ya see, they won 3A State Champs last season, 2008, and thusfar, are undefeated for this season...36-0.
Also, Sumrall is #4 on ESPN FAB 50!!! (check it out):

1.Bellaire (TX) 24-1
2.Foy H. Moody (TX) 24-1
3.Naples (FL) 25-0
4.Sumrall (MS) 30-0
5.West Orange (FL) 24-1
6.Jesuit (FL) 23-1
7.Calallen (TX) 27-2
8.Notre Dame Prep (AZ) 23-1
9.Brother Rice (IL) 15-0
10.Menchville (VA) 12-0

That was when we were 30-0...we are now 36-0.

Tonight, they go to the final playoff STATE game in Jackson. Go Bobcats! I've posted some pics here of the game on Friday night. We really enjoyed it. It was standing room only, except I managed to sqeeze in next to was at the end where the cheering crowd was, so it was very loud, but also very fun. Dalton hung out at the fence line right up front with some of his buddies he ran into (he's in the camo below) . It amazes me to see how much spirit this town has. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planting the Garden

Yesterday we came home and planted!!

Greg & Dalton planted the corn seeds a couple weeks back and they are sprouting up pretty fast. Dalton and I planted tomato plants, bell pepper plants, banana pepper plants, and watermelon plants. Greg managed to snap a few shots while we were at it.

Dalton found the wet end of the garden and decided to paint mud on his'll see my "little indian" lying in the corn rows.

You'll also see Dalton here doing a raindance (under the water hose, of course)...that followed by watering things down well.

We're still not finished, we have plenty more room to plant. Greg will head out tomorrow for cantaloupe, snap beans, cucumbers, and who knows whatever else he might come across. In all, we think it's a good lesson for start with a dirt pile and a seed and see what it grows into...then enjoy the delicious fruit and vegetables that we grew on our own in our very own yard. He gets so tickled over it!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Using napkins to make cards

Check out this clever tutorial on using decorative paper napkins for use on cards:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

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Stamps, Paper, Scissors and Donkey Smiles: Blog Anniversary Candy!

Stamps, Paper, Scissors and Donkey Smiles: Blog Anniversary Candy!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend

It was a busy weekend. The weather was so beautiful all weekend. We got a lot done out in the yard. Dalton had friends over and they played until they couldn't go anymore. Here's a few highlights from the weekend:

Here are the kids 'redneck surfing'...that's what Dalton calls it. We tie a board to the back of the golf cart and I pull them around through the field.

Here's a peek at the 6 month old cow, Tabasco, we were able to move him over into his new pen.

Dalton and Stuart playing in the woods...looking for hidden trails.

We found a nest of baby mice in the cow pen. It just amazed me why a mouse would deliver her babies under a board on the ground of the cow pen, when there is a 800 lb. cow hanging around...go figure!

We coaxed the big cow into the trailer and he's ready for slaughter today. Look at how he's peeking at us through the slats of the trailer. Do you suppose he is trying to make us feel guilty?

Dalton and his friend Stuart had a lot of fun chasing the chickens. You'll see them peeking in on them, trying to sneak up on them...Dalton finally got one!

Then they went after the geese...You can see "Clyde" who his hiding from them, peeking through keeping a close eye on them. Then they found a nest of eggs. We're hoping "Bonnie" is paying close attention to them so that they will hatch into little geese one day .

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Angel - Sara

Today, I thought I'd showcase our "Family Angel". Her name is Sara Elizabeth LeBlanc. She is my parents' only granddaughter, although they have already gone to heaven before she came into our lives. So they never had a chance to meet her, but I'm sure they are looking down over her. She was a late child of my sister Lizzy. Lizzy's only child, Steven, was 17 years old when Sara entered our lives on Valentine's Day...that made her even more special!!! I'll never forget the day Lizzy announced to us that she was going to have another baby...And I'll let you in on something...Lizzy was the one giving me daily fertility injections so I could get pregnant...and oops! she was the one that got pregnant!!!!! Go figure...

I took this photo of Sara while we were on a camping trip this past Halloween. Our cabin was on the pond and her and the other children were fishing. I managed to capture this shot of her and altered it a little on the computer (i added the angel wings).

She is just the sweetest little girl I know, and a very pretty one at that, and she looks a lot like our mother did as a child.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dalton and Chelsea

Chelsea is the granddaughter of some very dear friends of ours. They came up for a visit on Saturday and Chelsea asked me when I was going to take some more "modeling pictures" of her. She loves the camera, and it shows in the photos. I had Dalton go take some of her while all the ladies were sitting around talking and eating crawfish (yum!yum!) and he did a pretty good job. I guess he does pay attention sometimes. haha. Nonetheless, I snapped some of Dalton and Chelsea together. You see, they were born the same exact day - - August 2, 1999. I was at Meadowcrest in Gretna, LA giving birth while her mother, Rita, was at West Jeff Hosp. in Marrero, LA giving birth. They were born within an hour or so of each other.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mother's Day Cards

Here's a peek at some of the Mother's Day Cards I've been making for the Troops. I really love participating in this project. I feel I have a real purpose for making cards now. And these guys and gals are in Iraq and can't get out to buy their loved ones cards to send home for the holidays...with us making them and sending the cards to them, they have the opportunity to send wishes home! If you're interested in participating, please let me know by leaving a comment. Store bought cards are also acceptable.