Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planting the Garden

Yesterday we came home and planted!!

Greg & Dalton planted the corn seeds a couple weeks back and they are sprouting up pretty fast. Dalton and I planted tomato plants, bell pepper plants, banana pepper plants, and watermelon plants. Greg managed to snap a few shots while we were at it.

Dalton found the wet end of the garden and decided to paint mud on his'll see my "little indian" lying in the corn rows.

You'll also see Dalton here doing a raindance (under the water hose, of course)...that followed by watering things down well.

We're still not finished, we have plenty more room to plant. Greg will head out tomorrow for cantaloupe, snap beans, cucumbers, and who knows whatever else he might come across. In all, we think it's a good lesson for start with a dirt pile and a seed and see what it grows into...then enjoy the delicious fruit and vegetables that we grew on our own in our very own yard. He gets so tickled over it!!!


  1. That is a very good lesson for Dalton. And, much much healtier then what we get in the grocery! So, when are we coming for dinner???lol

  2. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see the garden in full bloom.

  3. i think kids like ours will grow up with better out looks on life. we tend to do everything to benefit our kids. i see you do the same as we do. last year we did not plant anything and skylar missed that. so i made sure we did it again this year. i see kids at school who has never sat down as a family for dinner. and it just amazes me.