Friday, May 15, 2009

Town of Sumrall

Dalton and Gerolene Rayborn, Mayor of Sumrall

Dalton had to do a project on the Town of Sumrall. We went around town taking pics of popular places in Sumrall. We even went over to the Town Hall where Dalton managed to take a pic with the Mayor. You'll see that pic here with others from our town. We love our little country town. You'll also see a pic of Dalton holding up his project.

Our Town Hall

Our Police Station

Our Post Office

The Old Sumrall Jail. The first all-female jury was held here 1921.This is the gravestone and cemetery where the found of Sumrall, Dan Sumrall is buried.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Shiloh...a play that Dalton was in last week at school: Dalton played Judd, dressed in camoflage and on crutches with a broken leg...right up a little boys alley.

Sumrall High School! Rah!Rah!Rah!

Undefeated Sumrall High School Baseball:

A view from the stands

Line-up for National Anthem

First homerun of the game that night

A whole lot of high-fiving between the team for the homerun

A night shot of the game

Dalton and I went to our very first Sumrall High School Baseball game Friday night. There has been so much "hooplah" over them. Ya see, they won 3A State Champs last season, 2008, and thusfar, are undefeated for this season...36-0.
Also, Sumrall is #4 on ESPN FAB 50!!! (check it out):

1.Bellaire (TX) 24-1
2.Foy H. Moody (TX) 24-1
3.Naples (FL) 25-0
4.Sumrall (MS) 30-0
5.West Orange (FL) 24-1
6.Jesuit (FL) 23-1
7.Calallen (TX) 27-2
8.Notre Dame Prep (AZ) 23-1
9.Brother Rice (IL) 15-0
10.Menchville (VA) 12-0

That was when we were 30-0...we are now 36-0.

Tonight, they go to the final playoff STATE game in Jackson. Go Bobcats! I've posted some pics here of the game on Friday night. We really enjoyed it. It was standing room only, except I managed to sqeeze in next to was at the end where the cheering crowd was, so it was very loud, but also very fun. Dalton hung out at the fence line right up front with some of his buddies he ran into (he's in the camo below) . It amazes me to see how much spirit this town has. Hope you enjoyed the pics.