Friday, May 15, 2009

Town of Sumrall

Dalton and Gerolene Rayborn, Mayor of Sumrall

Dalton had to do a project on the Town of Sumrall. We went around town taking pics of popular places in Sumrall. We even went over to the Town Hall where Dalton managed to take a pic with the Mayor. You'll see that pic here with others from our town. We love our little country town. You'll also see a pic of Dalton holding up his project.

Our Town Hall

Our Police Station

Our Post Office

The Old Sumrall Jail. The first all-female jury was held here 1921.This is the gravestone and cemetery where the found of Sumrall, Dan Sumrall is buried.

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  1. wow what a great project. Dalton has a picture with the mayor. I don't even know if kids here in Jefferson Parish could walk through the parish office and take a picture with Aaron Broussard.

    What a neat way to learn about your town?