Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dalton and Chelsea

Chelsea is the granddaughter of some very dear friends of ours. They came up for a visit on Saturday and Chelsea asked me when I was going to take some more "modeling pictures" of her. She loves the camera, and it shows in the photos. I had Dalton go take some of her while all the ladies were sitting around talking and eating crawfish (yum!yum!) and he did a pretty good job. I guess he does pay attention sometimes. haha. Nonetheless, I snapped some of Dalton and Chelsea together. You see, they were born the same exact day - - August 2, 1999. I was at Meadowcrest in Gretna, LA giving birth while her mother, Rita, was at West Jeff Hosp. in Marrero, LA giving birth. They were born within an hour or so of each other.


  1. Wow, These pictures are awesome. cathy you should really try and do this as a part time job for extra income. You take awesome pictures. Maybe you could strike a deal with the local playground or maybe the local school for speacil events. I think you would do awesome.

  2. That is so neat! They have a bond already...

  3. Cathy,you can tell the children are having a great time in front of the camera. Great pictures.