Thursday, March 5, 2009

Family Angel - Sara

Today, I thought I'd showcase our "Family Angel". Her name is Sara Elizabeth LeBlanc. She is my parents' only granddaughter, although they have already gone to heaven before she came into our lives. So they never had a chance to meet her, but I'm sure they are looking down over her. She was a late child of my sister Lizzy. Lizzy's only child, Steven, was 17 years old when Sara entered our lives on Valentine's Day...that made her even more special!!! I'll never forget the day Lizzy announced to us that she was going to have another baby...And I'll let you in on something...Lizzy was the one giving me daily fertility injections so I could get pregnant...and oops! she was the one that got pregnant!!!!! Go figure...

I took this photo of Sara while we were on a camping trip this past Halloween. Our cabin was on the pond and her and the other children were fishing. I managed to capture this shot of her and altered it a little on the computer (i added the angel wings).

She is just the sweetest little girl I know, and a very pretty one at that, and she looks a lot like our mother did as a child.


  1. Yes,she is all the things you described her to be plus very gifted & talented! I know your parents (her grandparents) are looking down from heaven smiling on her accomplishments!

  2. this is like my 3rd attempt trying to post a comment.

    Sara is our little angel. She is blooming into such a beautiful young lady inside and out.

  3. That is so sweet. God does work in mysterious ways. Thanks for sharing your story with us all. Oh yes and Our little Sara is a very special child......Sugah