Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend

It was a busy weekend. The weather was so beautiful all weekend. We got a lot done out in the yard. Dalton had friends over and they played until they couldn't go anymore. Here's a few highlights from the weekend:

Here are the kids 'redneck surfing'...that's what Dalton calls it. We tie a board to the back of the golf cart and I pull them around through the field.

Here's a peek at the 6 month old cow, Tabasco, we were able to move him over into his new pen.

Dalton and Stuart playing in the woods...looking for hidden trails.

We found a nest of baby mice in the cow pen. It just amazed me why a mouse would deliver her babies under a board on the ground of the cow pen, when there is a 800 lb. cow hanging around...go figure!

We coaxed the big cow into the trailer and he's ready for slaughter today. Look at how he's peeking at us through the slats of the trailer. Do you suppose he is trying to make us feel guilty?

Dalton and his friend Stuart had a lot of fun chasing the chickens. You'll see them peeking in on them, trying to sneak up on them...Dalton finally got one!

Then they went after the geese...You can see "Clyde" who his hiding from them, peeking through keeping a close eye on them. Then they found a nest of eggs. We're hoping "Bonnie" is paying close attention to them so that they will hatch into little geese one day .


  1. What fun pictures! It is so mom is originally from New Orleans too and now lives in the country with a garden and chickens. >:0)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Good luck in my blog candy giveaway. >:0)

  2. Hey, I enjoy stopping in and see what is going on with you and the family. Your blog is always fun to read. Love it. It makes me smile. Love you guy's.....Sugah....