Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Easter Cards

I've been busy, busy, busy making Easter cards for the troops. Patty's project with sending cards to the troops for the holidays so that they will have cards to send to their loved ones has really been a hit. And it only gets better and better. With each holiday, the number of cards have increased. YAY! If anyone out there is interested in participating, just let me know. I've really had a lot of fun with the Easter cards, and I believe I get a little better with each one. Take a peek at some of the cards I've made so far. I have 30 done in all, but plan to do more!!!


  1. Cute cards, I love um.......wish I had as much time to make cards myself, but it is kind of tough with a little one. I am just glad to know that even the few I can make helps out!!!

  2. Cathy, sorry it's taken a while to get to check out your blog. It looks great and it looks like you've already got the hang of it. Great post! Your cards look beautiful. You are so gifted!!! :)