Thursday, February 19, 2009

Renewing Cricut Cutting Mats

I discovered a little trick on my own a couple of nights ago. I have really been using my Cricut ALOT, and of course it's just not as sticky as when I first got it. I ran it under cold water (afraid that hot water would melt the adhesive away) and used a soft toothbrush to pass on top of the sticky film to remove all the paper fibers. You see, it's the remnants of those little paper fibers that get left behind when you remove the paper from the mat that leaves the mat less sticky. After I finished brushing over the mat while under the cold water, I put the mat on a coat hanger (the little hole in the mat fits perfectly over the top of the coat hanger). I hung it to dry, and it was like new again. I've heard of others reapplying an adhesive, but I didn't find a need for it. Once all those little paper fibers were washed away, it was like new again. I hope this helps renew the life of your cutting mats!

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